Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Man punched in the face by UKIP thug?

I've heard from a few people about this guy, and he's quite a compulsive liar so I treated this claim with suspicion. The tweet came on my feed and I later saw clips of the confrontation with Farage.

Then I read his twitter and began to get the feeling he was lying...I then watched the full flip of him and Farage and was quite amazed he was getting sympathy.

He is known for being an aggressive 'activist' who quite regularly insults UKIP supporters. Here he is passing around leaflets saying ''Don't vote UKIP'' with a list of reasons most of which are false...

He was there insulting a UKIP voter claiming ''Why cant he meet someone ordinary?'' when the person Farage was meeting WAS ordinary

So Farage comes along picks him up on being called a banker since he never was a banker, he was a metal trader...this 'activist' responds by talking about homophobia, Farage offers him to meet the UKIP LGBT chairman, to which he responds I don't want to....and then talks about racism...Farage goes to explain that he has been in the presence of a Labour anti-racism campaigner all day who has been making the point UKIP aren't racist, he then bizarrely changed the topic to a UKIP candidate who's previously done porn..claiming it's disgusting, he's disgusting...  For those who don't know. He used to be in porn. I think it was BDSM..but not sure. So what? I don't see the problem at all...but for some reason after being proved wrong on every argument this 'activist' suddenly was blabbering that this candidate is disgusting and filthy.

It was pretty unbelievable to me and proved what we've come to realize most anti UKIP campaigners are liars and pretty much out of their depth when challenged.

After he was humiliated here...he decided to claim he got punched...the proof of which? I doubt there will be any. Seems like yet another lie from a hopeless troll.

Feel free to watch the full exchange....

Most anti UKIP stories do tend to turn out to be false or lies, so please watch the full exchange to see the character of the nasty people against UKIP.

Update - Found out this guy is a Greens supporter, which explains a lot. For those unaware the Greens via UAF, and Hope not Hate for quite frankly embraced thuggish behavior. UKIP signs often defaced, people insulted, threatened..In the case of one guy just yesterday beaten up by 6 men inside his own home purely for having a UKIP sign up.  They have links amazingly to Islamic radical groups as well..and their deputy leader is a nutcase.

The problem is the narrative is that UKIP are horrible thugs and the Greens are animal loving peaceful humanitarians, so people tend to get things confused. No Greens posters ripped down, nobody attacked, no UKIP thugs harassing others saying don't vote this or vote that.

It's completely one way, and not only have all the attacks on UKIP been ignored by most people, but now people seem to just make up attacks by UKIP and people believe it. It's quite astonishing. 

I encourage people to get educated because you're legitimizing actual thuggery and actually attacking the wrong target. We are normal people supporting UKIP having to deal with these sad troll people every second of everyday. And despite the fact we get physically attacked, and almost always they do not..all they have to do is make up a story and suddenly we're evil thugs.

This is kind of the shit that somehow gets 200 retweets 

A clearly made up story full of shit. Yet Bonnie Greer a quite disturbed woman decided to take it as a legitimate story...her source was Otto English...someone who's previously posted shit like this...

He describes himself as a prankster....when of course he is just a troll. But Bonnie Greer ever willing to slander UKIP takes up a fake story, she often purports UKIP hate blacks to black people, which often results in some black people thinking UKIP voters are racist and hate black people...which tends to cause a lot of issues for UKIP's black members...

Winston Mckenzie for example has got so much racist abuse a lot of which is from black people simply for being in UKIP. These tactics cause hate,...and it's all done in the name of 'Stopping hate' It's complete contradiction by sad trolls just taking an irrational dislike of a party who's policies are actually quite reasonable.

Let me give you some examples of how crazy this is.......

We have Transgender people being called Transphobic
We have gay people....being pestered because they are gay by people supposedly fighting homophobia?
They even try to claim UKIP are anti woman and hate women...I mean really? The 2nd most powerful person in UKIP is a woman. This shit is people unable to accept people have different opinions to them. Brainwashed by a PC culture they think they have to bully and harass people into not voting UKIP or hating UKIP so it scares others from ever considering liking or voting them.


And people need to really realize who are the sad fucked up people here, cos it's most certainly not UKIP supporters. I've been around them for a long time now. And I am sick to death of people with no idea about the shit we put up with calling us hateful.

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Immigration for dummies

It seems we live in a society where immigration scares the fuck out of ignorant people. If you want to limit immigration that must mean you hate immigrants. You are blaming them for everything, you are spreading fear, you are being divisive, you are scapegoating minorities. What a load of shit.

The reality is mass immigration is a new concept, and it has hugely failed. Between 1066 and 1940 less people emigrated to Britain than between 2007 and 2011 now that is fucking scary. Elderly people who have lived in Britain all their lives, barely recognize their areas or communities in some places.

We have imported too many people too fast and it hasn't allowed for time to assimilate, thus there is no British culture, it's being phased out, and what we have is places slowly being segregated, people deciding to follow their own culture, people not even understanding what British culture is..and there is just a huge clusterfuck.

Natives matter, you rip away people's identity and they do not feel really too pleased about that, it doesn't go down well, it doesn't actually achieve anything positive.

Economically it's claimed it's a benefit. It's not. Non EU migrants have taken out 130 billion more than they have put in. While EU migrants have put in more, if we add the extra costs in strains on schooling..NHS and housing then it's a huge negative again.

We now have 6-7 kids in 2 bedroom flats in London. We have people not getting in schools 2 minutes from their houses, we have GP appointments taking 2-3 weeks. This is because there is TOO many people.

Wages have been suppressed, lifestyles have been reduced, crime has risen....

To further compound this, if all the best people in Poland or Latvia come here or even go to Germany or France...what happens to their countries??? They go to shit..they get abandoned. So we're making our countries worse and theirs's one huge disaster.

Immigration is good when controlled. If you cannot understand that without somehow equating it with hate or racism you are a fucking idiot.

Don't vote for UKIP, it's a waste etc etc once again

You can read my initial article here where I promised there would be a lot more of that rhetoric, and here it is, fully hyped up today in all unashamed glory....

IDS suggested voting UKIP was a suicide note which was quite something...

Then The Sun once again chipped in with two bits of propaganda..

Exhibit A -

Exhibit B - 

They seem to believe that they can influence UKIP voters one way or another, if not overall then in targeted places. It's very insulting in my opinion, because if isn't reciprocated then what are UKIP are gaining, why should people who support UKIP ditch UKIP? It makes no sense. Essentially a Tory tabloid at this point in time is trying many tricks to simply gain Tory voters.

They also posted similar things in the previous few days, as well as the Telegraph going into overdrive after the UKIP vote actually rose in pretty much all polls.

This wave of propaganda...this strategy which is very clearly planned out by Cameron that if you scare people enough about Labour or the SNP while claiming voting UKIP is pointless or a waste eventually enough will vote us and help us get a majority..that is essentially the aim here.

I hope that Tory voters look at UKIP and see it is real. No stage managed nonsense where it's all organized and prepared how to act all in unison all in the same message, all with the same dire tactics of scaring people about Labour..but actually people just speaking their mind and trying to actually do what they always intended to do, not sellout just for a few votes or make promises you cant really keep.

Monday, 4 May 2015

Labour Lies on the NHS about UKIP

For those unaware Labour have been lying about UKIP and the NHS for awhile. This kind of smear tactic is routine, but to continually use it when you've been told 100 times it's not true does strike me as very sinister. For a party that is often accusing others of scaremongering or playing on fear, the hypocrisy is pretty astonishing.

Let me present you with the evidence....

Labour began to spread rumors that UKIP want to 'privatize the NHS' citing comments Farage made at one point. However UKIP had already seen the privatization introduced ironically by Labour hadn't helped at all and decided against that route, despite realizing the NHS needed some reform as people were living longer & more people were coming here. Labour however did not listen and spread as much fear propaganda as possible...leading to this response...

Problem solved? Oh no.
Labour kept going and a few months later launched another assault of ''UKIP want to privatize the NHS, they said it before!!'' This time David Cameron joined in.

So in January Nigel Farage took it upon himself to clear it upup....
Here's the key parts

So that's it right? Now it's definitely been made clear? Well no. Labour started it all again as the election came closer, putting leaflets through people's doors warning them the NHS was in 'danger' if you vote UKIP. Also groups like Hope not Hate which are funded by many unions that fund Labour also used similar scare tactics. 
They took out a front page ad in a Thanet newspaper trying to scare people claiming UKIP will destroy the NHS!

So then we came onto the debates, and Ed Miliband did..guess what? Claimed UKIP plan to privatize the was quite unbelievable.
So Farage had enough and called it for what it is, pure lies...

So that is the end of it? Oh no...
Only a day or so later, the Labour press team decided to repeat it again, this time adding in even more lies.
First of all none of that is in the UKIP manifesto at all. UKIP has never planned to charge anyone for seeing a GP.
UKIP actually plan to boost the NHS with an extra 3 billion funded every year, not cut.
And the privatization is as said a clear lie.
Of course the amazing thing is a Labour peer suggested charging 200 pound to see your GP
And it was Labour who privatized the their hypocrisy is almost as bad as their lies. 
But really how can a party get away with lying so much despite constantly being refuted?

IMO this whole subject shows Labour for what they are. Lying hypocrites who always look to scare people and use the NHS as a weapon. Labour are terrible on the economy, woeful on immigration, useless on I guess they think the NHS is all they got and they're gonna make the most of it. But the truth is in Wales they've been pretty bad with the NHS in the last 5 years, and they didn't do great with the NHS in England when they were in charge, so they don't have much really going for them here either.

Here's some responses to that tweet BTW.....

Really, you have to ask yourself, why support a party that continually lies and lies and lies without any care in the world? They simply take people for fools, and have done for too long.
Support a party that doesn't need to lie. UKIP plan to increase NHS funding by 3+ billion. And can actually fund it. The rest make false promises.
Here's the truth

Here's UKIP's NHS policies explained by a doctor in the NHS.

As you can see Labour lie lie lie on the NHS to make people think they're the best party for it, they're NOT....UKIP are. Also UKIP will remove parking fees at the hospitals don't even get the money so it's totally an unfair practice. 

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Have UKIP suggested we allow Christians to oppose gay equality?

I read a pink news article that headlined ''UKIP wants to create 'conscience' law for Christians who oppose gay equality''

This is very very misleading. Now UKIP are a Libertarian party. Which is about freedom and choice. Meaning a pub could allow smokers in if they choose to.... another could say no smoking. A businessman could prefer British workers to non British workers etc etc. This is a consistent theme with UKIP.

First off there is no Christian manifesto. It was just a document given to Christian Churches on the specific things to do with Christianity UKIP propose.

Now within UKIP are some traditional elderly people..there are some strong devout Christians. They are uncomfortable about gay marriage. Now while the PC thing to do is call them bigots and hound them for their disgraceful homophobic attitudes, the reality is only 7 years ago we had Barrack Obama say this....Watch the first 8 seconds..

Now a lot has changed since then, however many Christians still feel the way Obama did in 2008. Many do believe marriage is between a man and a woman. They do not agree with gay marriage. Should that mean we outlaw gay marriage or go back to how it was before? No, of course not because that would be grossly unfair to gay people. You may not agree with gay marriage, but having the right to deny others to get married is totally not libertarian. And Christians in UKIP understand this.

However onto the actual point, should we hound Christians who believe gay marriage isn't right, or don't agree with it? No.  That's their individual choice, it's what they believe. Contrary to many people's opinions, a lot of these Christians do not hate or dislike gay people.

Now the problem comes where Christians are forced to comply with something they do not agree with. Refusing to serve or involve yourself with someone because he is gay is simply not acceptable, because that is truly unfair, and truly intolerant. 

However not wanting to be apart of a gay marriage ceremony after having worked in a field your whole life when the gay marriage law was rushed through, meaning Christians who had careers in fields in marriage now had to do things they weren't comfortable with or would be fired, it gives them protection so they wont lose their livelihood due to a law not fully ironed out.  
Stories like this the woman here would be given protection. Because this seems like hounding Christians. But of course within reasonable parameters. Reasonable is the key word here. You cannot get away with openly discrimination against gay people, and that is certainly not what it's about.

And what UKIP propose is to give these people leeway, so they can in the workplace say I'd rather not be involved with that or do that, and somebody else can......

Now this will effect very few people and cause a limited number of incidents. The majority of Christians probably have no real issue with gay marriage. I am a Christian I simply do not care, and I wouldn't have any objections to being involved in a gay wedding. I'm sure most Christians don't. But there are some who do, and they do not do so out of hatred but purely religious belief.  

We have two conflicting sides here. One thinks gay marriage is wrong and shouldn't be allowed, we should have civil unions, but marriage is between a man and a woman.

And the other suggests Christians should be forced to treat gay weddings like any other and not doing so is discrimination and breaks equality laws and they're bigots etc etc etc.

I see UKIP's proposal as the perfect solution. It obviously allows gay marriage and doesn't disrupt the progress made with gay rights, but it also caters for and respects the views and beliefs of devout Christians.

Suzanne Evans cleared this up on the BBC Asian network. There is no Christian manifesto. That's what the media labelled it, there was just a document which outlined UKIP's aims to help the Christian community who have felt let down by successive governments. 

I personally see Halal meat as barbaric. But we allow it under religious exemption, the same with Kosher meat. 
I personally don't like abortion and I'm glad it's in our laws that a Christian doctor can refuse to be involved with abortions if he chooses or thinks it's wrong, we cant force him to do it or fire him, he has the right with religious freedom to say I don't want to be apart of that.

And this proposal from UKIP for Christians similarly is a religious freedom issue as well as a libertarian choice. Within reasonable parameters obviously. 

There are a lot more gay people in UKIP than I imagined when I first joined the whole UKIP scene, I came across so many gay people, I was pretty surprised, and I would like to know their opinion on this. Also I would like to know Christians opinion on this, UKIP or not.

Have UKIP suggested we allow Christians to oppose gay equality?  Fiction
They have proposed a simple religious freedom tweek in the workplace which will allow Christians to be free not to be involved with a gay wedding if they so choose. 

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Did UKIP Candidate BIll Walker refer to Gurkhas as parasites?

So today I came another smear story involving UKIP. The source appeared to be hope not hate, which is supposedly an anti-racism organization, However it's really more of an agenda driven hate group funded by far left unions and linked to Labour.

They appear quite desperate for any UKIP smear stories. This one is pretty bad though, even for their standards.
Here is their headline
So where is their evidence for this?
Apparently twitter which is odd as Bill Walker isn't on twitter. Nevertheless there was an account setup by some mischievous individual and here is the tweet from which they deduct the headline from

The account is in a conversation with Keith Parkins a very big supporter of the green party who tweets a hell of a lot, so may not be too quick to spot a spoof account.

The conversation tone is that Nepalese refer to these people as parasites, and they're in Aldershot with bad hygiene living a lifestyle that makes them miserable & helps nobody. For those unaware the Gurkha's staying here hasn't worked out too well.
The Bill Walker account tried to style out what was said to come across as a genuine account and like he'd been caught out making a bad comment. This makes me think it's a pretty sinister attempt to smear UKIP or particular Bill Walker, because they've deleted the account soon after this. Which would mean people cannot check out the account and see if it was a genuine one.

However if you look on Google Cache you can see the account had just 37 tweets, barely any followers and of the tweets it did make, several were clearly designed to make Bill Walker look like an idiot or a racist in some kind of way.

3 of the 37 tweets were retweeting Britain's First. For those who don't know, they're a far right group. 

Another two were also plain stupid, the BBC link, links to this
There's also a link to a story claiming Hitler won the 2nd world war, and a few odd retweets
Then there's the convo with Keith Parkins. 
So of the 37 tweets, the majority were in some way designed to make Bill Walker look bad. 

So I figured out the origin of this also. Bill Walker has a fund me page and they ask you to put in your facebook and twitter. Now he has a facebook but not a twitter. But he must have just put in billwalkeruk for the twitter also. Someone has seen his fundraising page and seen he hasn't got a twitter and made a twitter account with the sole intention of making him look like a racist or idiot or whatever at some point, hoping somebody would pick it up. And hope not hate ever obliging to smear UKIP with anything, eventually picked up on one of the tweets.

Also it's interesting, because Keith Parkins is a very big greens supporter, and you had some idiot claiming what he said proved UKIP are intolerant morons. Which beggars belief.

Here's Keith's twitter You can see he appears to be a huge Russell Brand fan & Greens supporter and nothing to do with UKIP at all. Which he even confirms here.
 Most UKIP smear stories tend to originate like this. You get people reading a blog lying, or mistake someone nothing to do with UKIP as UKIP, and this narrative circulates, yet the truth is often a lot different. Even after Keith Parkins stating he's nothing to do with UKIP. Rosamund still kept associating him with UKIP. It's pretty bizarre.

Did UKIP Candidate BIll Walker refer to Gurkhas as parasites?
No. Fiction. 
A Greens supporter did, and a spoof setup account echoed it, leading to a hate group running a false headline for their 100th false smear story. 

EDIT - A lot of people in response to the smear story have blasted Bill Walker for insulting people who fought for our country, Bill Walker is a former soldier, he fought for our country, so before you insult him, make sure it's legitimate. 

EDIT 2 - It seems like Bill Walker did have a twitter awhile ago but deleted it after some controversy, and this gave somebody the chance to make it again which they did on April 10th, hence the tweets. I hope that explains it for everyone.  It's quite possible the person behind it is Joshua Bonehill who has done this kind of thing a few times now...but no confirmation on that.

Last Edit - Seems the google cache now shows something different, so the person must have made more tweets and followed more people just before he deleted the twitter.

When I originally saw it, here is how it looked - 
You can just about see 37 tweets. 

Here was the first one - 

So the first tweet was highlighting a UKIP woman Diane James saying on LBC, she admires Putin's love for Russia. Admiring Putin is obviously seen as a sketchy thing to do.

The next is a link to an express article claiming Hitler really won WW2...just 3 tweets later it starts to retweet Britain's first
Then looks to retweet race angles 

Followed by the screenshots I gave earlier. 
So the 37 tweets really cover praise for Putin, Somewhat bizarre remarks on Hitler, a retweet which speaks of a rude black girl, retweeting 3  times Britain's first & it's leader. 

It's not worth really arguing this case any longer, it's pretty clear how setup this is.  When Joshua Bonehill did make a site called UKIPvoice & a twitter pretending to be Alex Wood I think, he literally went on about blacks being apes or homosexuality being horrible, there was barely any normal talk at all, it was a very obvious troll, shockingly people fell for that too. And here is similar, the fact the person had the account for 25 days or so before HnH or someone picked it up is the only odd thing, so it seems more like somebody was using UKIP to try and highlight Keith Parkins & make him look bad, so this possibly is a local vendetta or troll. 

Make up your own mind, but it's definitely nothing to do with Bill Walker, whom I have on facebook and simply his posts are very dissimilar to the ones here. 

Here is a message from Bill Walker 

''The accusations made against me were false as you may have already read on FB. I will never have a twitter account again, it brought me grief twice and that was two times too many. I deactivated my account in early March and someone took the name and setup an account on April 10th then closed it again quickly after making the accusations etc that appeared on Hope not Hate. Thanks for writing to me to clarify things. Regards Bill''

UKIP is a 'Wasted' vote - Fact or Fiction?

                                                I suspected during the last so many days until the election the Tory media & Cameron would ramp up ''A vote for UKIP = ''Insert unwanted thing here''
                                                Today it officially started. Two Murdoch owned media outlets, Sky News and The Sun both ran similar stories.

                                                The Sun found a 'White Van Man' named Dan. And got the headline ''Don't waste votes on Ukip''

While Sky News found Kellie Maloney who said. ''Don't waste your vote on UKIP'' 

If anyone knows how journalists and the media work, they essentially ask you questions that give them the headline they want. They're very skilled at basically getting people to say what they want them to say.
Notice the use of 'Waste' by both? Clearly they've been asked a question which involved the word waste in some capacity thus their self created narrative is portrayed as other people's.

The online reporter of the Daily Mirror(@mikeysmith)said this on TV a week ago ''Yes I speak to Ed Miliband daily, I just got off the phone with him now in fact'' 
We can confidently presume David Cameron has the same level of contact with those at The Sun.

For those unaware, the Daily Mirror are heavily backing Labour. The Sun, it's chief rival backing The it's like a war between the two biggest selling daily tabloids on who will win. It's not about people to them, or actual genuine politics, merely the egos of the owners of the newspapers who want to show who has more power and who can influence people the best.  Rupert Murdoch's The Sun have been backing the winner of the election every single time. A record they do not want to lose.

David Cameron has been saying ''A vote for UKIP is a vote for Miliband''
And more recently ''A vote for UKIP is a vote for the SNP/Labour''

As a chief election strategists revealed ''The most successful election tactic is making people fear the opposition'' That gets the most votes they have found. 

So you can see why he's uttering that rhetoric. I suspected the nearer we'd get to election day he'd ramp that up and also get his media to heavily support/echo it, and so it's proved today with the first of many days where you'll be 'informed' a vote for UKIP is 'wasted'

Is a vote for UKIP a wasted vote?

During this campaign the Tories and Labour have constantly kept issuing new promises, new deals, new anything they can to influence polls which haven't really moved too much for either of them. Their desperation is similar to their panic during the Scottish referendum election when a poll revealed for the first time Scottish people would vote yes to leave, and suddenly they ran to Scotland promising the world.

These people are reactionary's who don't really have solid principles... they just want your votes, therefore when UKIP grew, they realized they had to respond, and suddenly we've seen the Tories continually copy UKIP policies and try to appeal to UKIP voters.

We've seen Ed Miliband and Labour reveal they got immigration wildly wrong, and admitted they let far too many people in.

None of these two party's would have done any of this without UKIP polling high and UKIP votes increasing, this alone shows it's a complete myth that a vote for UKIP is wasted.

Now the actual stories themselves?

The first from The Sun is hilarious. It's now been proven that the party working class people vote for the most is UKIP.  So why didn't they interview a white van man voting UKIP?  Why didn't they interview one of the majority who are tired of Labour/Conservative lies?

The Kellie Malonie story is a little sad, but essentially we have a quite troubled person(if anyone saw this person on big brother, you'd know) and this person wants media time, they want to be in the headlines again, they want publicity for their transgender cause, and here you have a journalist who's obviously fished out a story and got Kellie Malonie to say exactly what they wanted her to say..and thus present it how they did.

The whole thing stinks and precisely shows why I personally never used to vote until UKIP came along. It's one big smokes and mirrors from agenda driven people looking to fool the public into their own egocentric ideals rather than let people decide to vote for what is best for them and what they actually support.

We listen for years on how ''It's good for democracy'' That we have more than two parties challenging for votes or seats, yet then when election time does come, they do their best to tell you a vote for a party that's not one of these two is 'Wasted'  Doesn't make sense at all does it?

In recent days a few Tory members have been tweeting that ''Nigel Farage told UKIP voters to vote Tory in seats UKIP cant win'' Linking to a Telegraph(Known by many as the Torygraph) article which attributed quotes to Farage saying ''I hope people use their vote wisely''  In fact Farage was calling on others to vote UKIP in close seats, the complete opposite of their claim. 
His logic being many Labour & Conservative lifelong voters tell him they like UKIP's policies, but they're loyal to one of the other, so essentially his point was the higher UKIP representatives in parliament the more likely you'll get UKIP friendly policies in someway or another.

Rand Paul recently said ''Misinformation is a great tool in politics''  And thus why so many in politics constantly throw out misinformation. As long as on polling day they get your vote, they don't care that they lied to you. 

Hopefully a lot of people can read this and see through the deceit, because you're going to be getting similar stories again and again, from the same publications more than likely as well.

UKIP is a wasted vote - Fiction

The irony is -  I have spoken to many people who think a vote for Labour or Conservatives is a wasted vote. Not much between them, rarely anything changes, both have a huge history of expenses scandals, pedophilia & broken promises.