Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Did UKIP Candidate BIll Walker refer to Gurkhas as parasites?

So today I came another smear story involving UKIP. The source appeared to be hope not hate, which is supposedly an anti-racism organization, However it's really more of an agenda driven hate group funded by far left unions and linked to Labour.

They appear quite desperate for any UKIP smear stories. This one is pretty bad though, even for their standards.
Here is their headline
So where is their evidence for this?
Apparently twitter which is odd as Bill Walker isn't on twitter. Nevertheless there was an account setup by some mischievous individual and here is the tweet from which they deduct the headline from

The account is in a conversation with Keith Parkins a very big supporter of the green party who tweets a hell of a lot, so may not be too quick to spot a spoof account.

The conversation tone is that Nepalese refer to these people as parasites, and they're in Aldershot with bad hygiene living a lifestyle that makes them miserable & helps nobody. For those unaware the Gurkha's staying here hasn't worked out too well. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2835216/Joanna-Lumley-s-legacy-misery-fought-allow-retired-Gurkhas-Britain-heart-right-place-Five-years-say-s-backfired-terribly.html
The Bill Walker account tried to style out what was said to come across as a genuine account and like he'd been caught out making a bad comment. This makes me think it's a pretty sinister attempt to smear UKIP or particular Bill Walker, because they've deleted the account soon after this. Which would mean people cannot check out the account and see if it was a genuine one.

However if you look on Google Cache you can see the account had just 37 tweets, barely any followers and of the tweets it did make, several were clearly designed to make Bill Walker look like an idiot or a racist in some kind of way.

3 of the 37 tweets were retweeting Britain's First. For those who don't know, they're a far right group. 

Another two were also plain stupid, the BBC link, links to this http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-birmingham-32287545
There's also a link to a story claiming Hitler won the 2nd world war, and a few odd retweets
Then there's the convo with Keith Parkins. 
So of the 37 tweets, the majority were in some way designed to make Bill Walker look bad. 

So I figured out the origin of this also. Bill Walker has a fund me page http://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/billwalkerukip and they ask you to put in your facebook and twitter. Now he has a facebook but not a twitter. But he must have just put in billwalkeruk for the twitter also. Someone has seen his fundraising page and seen he hasn't got a twitter and made a twitter account with the sole intention of making him look like a racist or idiot or whatever at some point, hoping somebody would pick it up. And hope not hate ever obliging to smear UKIP with anything, eventually picked up on one of the tweets.

Also it's interesting, because Keith Parkins is a very big greens supporter, and you had some idiot claiming what he said proved UKIP are intolerant morons. Which beggars belief.

Here's Keith's twitter https://twitter.com/keithpp/with_replies You can see he appears to be a huge Russell Brand fan & Greens supporter and nothing to do with UKIP at all. Which he even confirms here.
 Most UKIP smear stories tend to originate like this. You get people reading a blog lying, or mistake someone nothing to do with UKIP as UKIP, and this narrative circulates, yet the truth is often a lot different. Even after Keith Parkins stating he's nothing to do with UKIP. Rosamund still kept associating him with UKIP. It's pretty bizarre.

Did UKIP Candidate BIll Walker refer to Gurkhas as parasites?
No. Fiction. 
A Greens supporter did, and a spoof setup account echoed it, leading to a hate group running a false headline for their 100th false smear story. 

EDIT - A lot of people in response to the smear story have blasted Bill Walker for insulting people who fought for our country, Bill Walker is a former soldier, he fought for our country, so before you insult him, make sure it's legitimate. 

EDIT 2 - It seems like Bill Walker did have a twitter awhile ago but deleted it after some controversy, and this gave somebody the chance to make it again which they did on April 10th, hence the tweets. I hope that explains it for everyone.  It's quite possible the person behind it is Joshua Bonehill who has done this kind of thing a few times now...but no confirmation on that.

Last Edit - Seems the google cache now shows something different, so the person must have made more tweets and followed more people just before he deleted the twitter.

When I originally saw it, here is how it looked - 
You can just about see 37 tweets. 

Here was the first one - 

So the first tweet was highlighting a UKIP woman Diane James saying on LBC, she admires Putin's love for Russia. Admiring Putin is obviously seen as a sketchy thing to do.

The next is a link to an express article claiming Hitler really won WW2...just 3 tweets later it starts to retweet Britain's first
Then looks to retweet race angles 

Followed by the screenshots I gave earlier. 
So the 37 tweets really cover praise for Putin, Somewhat bizarre remarks on Hitler, a retweet which speaks of a rude black girl, retweeting 3  times Britain's first & it's leader. 

It's not worth really arguing this case any longer, it's pretty clear how setup this is.  When Joshua Bonehill did make a site called UKIPvoice & a twitter pretending to be Alex Wood I think, he literally went on about blacks being apes or homosexuality being horrible, there was barely any normal talk at all, it was a very obvious troll, shockingly people fell for that too. And here is similar, the fact the person had the account for 25 days or so before HnH or someone picked it up is the only odd thing, so it seems more like somebody was using UKIP to try and highlight Keith Parkins & make him look bad, so this possibly is a local vendetta or troll. 

Make up your own mind, but it's definitely nothing to do with Bill Walker, whom I have on facebook and simply his posts are very dissimilar to the ones here. 

Here is a message from Bill Walker 

''The accusations made against me were false as you may have already read on FB. I will never have a twitter account again, it brought me grief twice and that was two times too many. I deactivated my account in early March and someone took the name and setup an account on April 10th then closed it again quickly after making the accusations etc that appeared on Hope not Hate. Thanks for writing to me to clarify things. Regards Bill''


  1. Can you explain why:

    1. There are screenshots of his offensive posts?
    2. The Twitter account he used to make these offensive posts is linked to from his personal Facebook account?
    3. Do you still think it is a smear story, or fact?

    1. Read the twitter youself http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:8cdfHbKqLqgJ:https://twitter.com/billwalkeruk+&cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=uk
      This is a poor poor smear story.
      Bill Walker's twitter was in regular use in 2014 and for the first part of 2015. He deleted it after some controversy and has only been on facebook since.
      On April 10th somebody made a twitter with his old twitter ID and posted stuff that was almost exclusively 'offensive' things.
      Then tried to delete the twitter when it was highlighted in a way to make the story seem legitimate, when you read the twitter on the cache, you can see it was an account with hardly any tweets, hardly any followers and full of inflammatory nonsense.
      It's classic standard work from an internet troll.

  2. http://newsthump.com/2015/04/29/ukip-candidate-who-called-ghurkas-parasites-mysteriously-vanishes/

    1. There will be no shortage of people/blogs desperate to run anti ukip smear stories, but this is fairly easily to comprehend.
      It's similar to a case not long ago where it turned out Joshua Bonehill was behind it all.

  3. There are many different issues here, all of which have got mixed, distorted, and then used to create racial hatred, propagated by people who have their own Agenda to create racial tension.

    An open conversation took place on twitter on Nepalese in Aldershot.

    On market day in Aldershot there is a problem, large numbers of Nepalese hang around on the streets. They are blocking the street, make it difficult to pass by for people on a disability scooter or parents with children in buggies, they are thieving off the stalls, handling the fruit and fruit and vegetables, blocking access to shop doorways, retailers see takings fall on that day, then it is go through the bins, then it is to the local supermarkets.

    Any other group would be moved on by the police.

    These people were referred to as parasites. It was in no way intended to smear or tar all Nepalese, there are many decent young Nepalese hard working, friendly, pleasant and polite.

    But, a so-called Christian, twisted that all Nepalese are parasites. Then it was twisted again that Bill Walker had said (actually he had not), that Gurkhas were parasites. Selected quotes from conversation, which so-called Christian woman then posted more selected quotes, taken entirely out of context (who appears to be linked to local Labour Party).

    Irrespective of whether or not Bill Walker was operating the twitter account, the account had not said what was being claimed.

    Anyone who repeated the false claim, has opened themselves up to defamation.

    In terms of whose account. No mention on election propaganda of Bill Walker. And if it was his account, that he gave up or deleted, how did someone else get hold of the account?

    A secondary issue, those who are in the UK to claim all they can, not typical of most migrants who are here to work (displacement of jobs or lowering of wages a different issue), if they remained in Nepal, they would be relatively wealthy in a very poor and impoverished country (even more so post-earthquake), would be building their own houses, employing local people, injecting much needed money into the local economy.

    Then into the mix Hope not Hate, which is a hate site, Incite Hate would be a more appropriate name.

    This was re-tweeted by two vile local trolls, one of who has a history of stirring up racial hatred where none exists.

    The involvement of the two vile local trolls should of itself sent alarm bells ringing.

    Both of these vile locals trolls have a habit of posting misinformation and abuse. One has a past history and been repeatedly exposed for doing so, of setting up fake accounts. He was stealing pictures of children off websites of local people and posting under his own name, claiming local activists were trying to kill him.

    People linked to the trolls, thus as bad, re-tweeted. Most people have quite sensibly blocked the trolls, barred from any discussion forums.

    Labour, under a front on Facebook, Here for Rushmoor, as did the Green Party, reposted the Hope not Hate post. Wiser council must have prevailed, as both have quite sensibly taken down the posts.

    Watching Rushmoor (on Facebook), a page to expose local council corruption, who should have known better, also re-posted the Hope not Hate post. As they have not taken down, it raises a big question mark against Watching Rushmoor, and if nothing else, they have lost all credibility.

    Get Hampshire (website of the local comic) was reported to have re-posted Hope not Hate post. But if they had, it must have been taken down. Maybe legal advice was taken.

    Those who stir up racial hatred for their own political Agenda, are playing with fire.

    - Violent assault on the streets of Aldershot

    BBC Radio 4 had an interesting discussion on migration. I suggest all listen (repeated Saturday night).

    - Two Rooms - immigration

  4. Only too happy to shed a little light on what has been going on.

  5. The impression I got was 'Bill Walker' was as thick as two short planks.

    If a fake account intended to create that impression, explains a lot.

    It should be referred to the Returning Officer, and possibly a Police investigation.

    Election legislation is quite draconian. If someone masquerading as a candidate with the intention of fraudulently influencing the outcome of a General Election (as appears to be the case), then potentially a serious criminal matter.

  6. I think that Bill Walker should get the police involved if someone has been masquerading as him. The police will be able to find out who was operating the account. I am surprised he has not done so...

  7. The matter has been referred to Returning Officer.

  8. If Bill Walker says not he, and unless anyone has evidence to the contrary, then he has to be believed, as innocent until such time as proved otherwise.

    This would mean that person or persons unknown. are operating an account with the sole intention of fraudulently influencing the outcome of an election. Potentially a serous criminal matter, which requires investigation by the Returning Officer.

    It has all the hallmarks of a vile local troll who has a past track record of such behaviour, including opening of fake accounts. A vile local troll who periodically posts to stir up racial hatred.

  9. Interesting that:

    1. Bill Walker told police his Twitter account had been hacked

    2. Bill Walker told the press he did not have a Twitter account, and someone created a fake account

    3. The police are not investigating the case further

    4. Twitter are not confirming the Twitter account was reactivated by someone else


    1. Bill Walker also has previous for posting unsavoury things on his Twitter account that has got him into trouble in the past...

  10. From the local rag on their website (which is not included in their print edition):

    --- quote ---

    A Hampshire Constabulary spokesman said: "Police have been made aware of an incident involving a message posted on a twitter account.

    "The owner of the account has reported that he believes his account to have been hacked and does not know who posted the message in question.

    "Officers have reviewed the incident and the matter is not being investigated further at this time."

    --- end quote ---

    PC Plod appears to have gone off half cock on the account being hacked, then dropped the investigation.

    Twitter is a US company that values privacy. Unlikely to have supplied any information without going through US Courts. Local hacks got the brush off.

    If the account had been hacked, and that is to add further to the mix, then a criminal offence has been committed under Computer Misuse Act (1990).

    Bill Walker does not say the account had been hacked, the Police say he said. Chinese whispers and lack of understanding.

    If the account had been deactivated, and someone else activated (this needs to be confirmed by twitter), then have cyber squatting.

    We now have someone masquerading as the candidate and fraudulently trying to perverse the course of an election. That being a serious criminal offence under election legislation.

    What is odd, is that does not appear to have been investigated by the Police. Which is actually the more serious matter, irrespective of whether or not the account has been hacked.

    We have the vile local troll, who for some time has been running a hate campaign against UKIP and local UKIP councillors, though not restricted to UKIP, has also been running hate campaigns against Rusell Brand and many local activists, now stirring on the local rag comments page.

    He has reposted from Hope not Hate, an infamous hate site, defamatory allegations re Bill Walker.

    The local rag (to its credit) was very careful not to. But then they probably have a few more brain cells than the vile local troll.

    There are now grounds for defamation against local rag for permitting the post, and of course the person posting.

    The surprise is that the vile local trolls have not been barred from posting by the local rag, as have been barred from many discussion forums.

    Vile local troll has track record of stirring up racial hatred, posting abuse, opening false accounts, harassment, cyber bullying ...

    There are more than sufficient grounds for those who have been subjected to harassment by the vile local troll to request the Police to serve an Harassment Order. Failure to comply with conditions of Harassment Order a criminal offence attracting five year prison sentence.

  11. The local rag could have been less provocative with its title. Also an example of shoddy journalism. Parasites was a reference to those thieving of the market stalls. obstructing the street and shop doorways, and in UK to claim benefits. There was not and never has been a claim that the entire Nepalese population were parasites, That was fabricated by those determined to stir up racial hatred to further their own perverse Agenda in a town that is a tinderbox.

    - UKIP candidate denies labelling Aldershot's Nepalese population 'parasites

    One commentator sums this up nicely:

    --- quote ---

    I'm surprised with the reporter...He knows with 99% certainty that Bill Walker is a victim from a disgusting mudslinging criminal...he should not have left Bill's name and reputation hanging out there to be shot down when he knows he is innocent...lazy journalism!

    The reporter should have at least led with a title saying Bill Walker was a victim of a smear campaign, not leaving it open for private interpretation.

    A police investigation is underway to catch the foul criminal who impersonated Bill Walker.

    --- end quote ---

    If the intention was to smear Bill Walker and discredit as a candidate,it has had the opposite effect and probably increased his vote, as English have a sense of fair play,

    BBC Radio 4 recently had two measured programmes on effects of immigration. Within which a reference was made to good and bad immigrants, good those willing to work, speak English, contribute to society, bad immigrants those who are here to milk the system, who do not speak English, who do not integrate.

    Unfortunately a measured discussion is a rarity.

    Not helped when shoddy journalism goes for sensational headlines.

    1. I updated the page with some additional info. I think this troll has an issue with you personally and was using UKIP's publicity power to bring attention to your tweets and smear you.

  12. Interesting comment on Get Hampshire:

    --- quote ---

    The Lib Dem Branch Chairman for Surrey Heath Graham Tapper has had some interesting thoughts regarding this story: On the anti-ukip facebook page 'hope not hate' Graham likes a comment of someone asking for a gun to teach Bill Walker a lesson and happy to do the time. How vile can someone be. I know the elections are days away, but this man is sick. getHAMPSHIRE should be calling for Graham Tapper's resignation.

    unless he was hacked!!!!

    Oh dear, poor Graham Tapper has now denied this, but after speaking with his Lib Dem colleagues after I contacted them he has surprisingly deleted his comments and unliked his like of the vile comment. Guilty?

    --- end quote ---

    This is indicative of the level of hate Hope not Hate stirs up.

    Hate fanned by the vile local trolls, and now it seems fanned by LibDem Branch Chairman for Surrey Heath Graham Tapper.

    I trust LibDems will be removing Graham Tapper as chairman and kicking out of the party. Anything less would be an endorsement.

    And I trust PC Plod will be feeling a few collars.

    Increment to murder being a serious criminal offence.

  13. It will be interesting to see if defamatory post on Get Hampshire by the vile local troll gets taken down when the editor clocks in.

    At the very least:

    - take down of defamatory post
    - vile local troll barred
    - damages paid
    - a public apology both on Get Hampshire and front page on Thursday of Aldershot News

  14. Local vile troll has track record of:

    - cyber bullying and harassment
    - operating fake accounts
    - stealing pictures of children and reposting
    - inciting racial hatred
    - spreading misinformation
    - claiming local activists were trying to kill him
    - running hate campaigns
    - running hate campaigns against UKIP and local UKIP councillors

    A very unpleasant piece of work.