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UKIP is a 'Wasted' vote - Fact or Fiction?

                                                I suspected during the last so many days until the election the Tory media & Cameron would ramp up ''A vote for UKIP = ''Insert unwanted thing here''
                                                Today it officially started. Two Murdoch owned media outlets, Sky News and The Sun both ran similar stories.

                                                The Sun found a 'White Van Man' named Dan. And got the headline ''Don't waste votes on Ukip''

While Sky News found Kellie Maloney who said. ''Don't waste your vote on UKIP'' 

If anyone knows how journalists and the media work, they essentially ask you questions that give them the headline they want. They're very skilled at basically getting people to say what they want them to say.
Notice the use of 'Waste' by both? Clearly they've been asked a question which involved the word waste in some capacity thus their self created narrative is portrayed as other people's.

The online reporter of the Daily Mirror(@mikeysmith)said this on TV a week ago ''Yes I speak to Ed Miliband daily, I just got off the phone with him now in fact'' 
We can confidently presume David Cameron has the same level of contact with those at The Sun.

For those unaware, the Daily Mirror are heavily backing Labour. The Sun, it's chief rival newspaper...is backing The Sun...so it's like a war between the two biggest selling daily tabloids on who will win. It's not about people to them, or actual genuine politics, merely the egos of the owners of the newspapers who want to show who has more power and who can influence people the best.  Rupert Murdoch's The Sun have been backing the winner of the election every single time. A record they do not want to lose.

David Cameron has been saying ''A vote for UKIP is a vote for Miliband''
And more recently ''A vote for UKIP is a vote for the SNP/Labour''

As a chief election strategists revealed ''The most successful election tactic is making people fear the opposition'' That gets the most votes they have found. 

So you can see why he's uttering that rhetoric. I suspected the nearer we'd get to election day he'd ramp that up and also get his media to heavily support/echo it, and so it's proved today with the first of many days where you'll be 'informed' a vote for UKIP is 'wasted'

Is a vote for UKIP a wasted vote?

During this campaign the Tories and Labour have constantly kept issuing new promises, new deals, new anything they can to influence polls which haven't really moved too much for either of them. Their desperation is similar to their panic during the Scottish referendum election when a poll revealed for the first time Scottish people would vote yes to leave, and suddenly they ran to Scotland promising the world.

These people are reactionary's who don't really have solid principles... they just want your votes, therefore when UKIP grew, they realized they had to respond, and suddenly we've seen the Tories continually copy UKIP policies and try to appeal to UKIP voters.

We've seen Ed Miliband and Labour reveal they got immigration wildly wrong, and admitted they let far too many people in.

None of these two party's would have done any of this without UKIP polling high and UKIP votes increasing, this alone shows it's a complete myth that a vote for UKIP is wasted.

Now the actual stories themselves?

The first from The Sun is hilarious. It's now been proven that the party working class people vote for the most is UKIP.  So why didn't they interview a white van man voting UKIP?  Why didn't they interview one of the majority who are tired of Labour/Conservative lies?

The Kellie Malonie story is a little sad, but essentially we have a quite troubled person(if anyone saw this person on big brother, you'd know) and this person wants media time, they want to be in the headlines again, they want publicity for their transgender cause, and here you have a journalist who's obviously fished out a story and got Kellie Malonie to say exactly what they wanted her to say..and thus present it how they did.

The whole thing stinks and precisely shows why I personally never used to vote until UKIP came along. It's one big smokes and mirrors from agenda driven people looking to fool the public into their own egocentric ideals rather than let people decide to vote for what is best for them and what they actually support.

We listen for years on how ''It's good for democracy'' That we have more than two parties challenging for votes or seats, yet then when election time does come, they do their best to tell you a vote for a party that's not one of these two is 'Wasted'  Doesn't make sense at all does it?

In recent days a few Tory members have been tweeting that ''Nigel Farage told UKIP voters to vote Tory in seats UKIP cant win'' Linking to a Telegraph(Known by many as the Torygraph) article which attributed quotes to Farage saying ''I hope people use their vote wisely''  In fact Farage was calling on others to vote UKIP in close seats, the complete opposite of their claim. 
His logic being many Labour & Conservative lifelong voters tell him they like UKIP's policies, but they're loyal to one of the other, so essentially his point was the higher UKIP representatives in parliament the more likely you'll get UKIP friendly policies in someway or another.

Rand Paul recently said ''Misinformation is a great tool in politics''  And thus why so many in politics constantly throw out misinformation. As long as on polling day they get your vote, they don't care that they lied to you. 

Hopefully a lot of people can read this and see through the deceit, because you're going to be getting similar stories again and again, from the same publications more than likely as well.

UKIP is a wasted vote - Fiction

The irony is -  I have spoken to many people who think a vote for Labour or Conservatives is a wasted vote. Not much between them, rarely anything changes, both have a huge history of expenses scandals, pedophilia & broken promises.

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