Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Man punched in the face by UKIP thug?

I've heard from a few people about this guy, and he's quite a compulsive liar so I treated this claim with suspicion. The tweet came on my feed and I later saw clips of the confrontation with Farage.

Then I read his twitter and began to get the feeling he was lying...I then watched the full flip of him and Farage and was quite amazed he was getting sympathy.

He is known for being an aggressive 'activist' who quite regularly insults UKIP supporters. Here he is passing around leaflets saying ''Don't vote UKIP'' with a list of reasons most of which are false...

He was there insulting a UKIP voter claiming ''Why cant he meet someone ordinary?'' when the person Farage was meeting WAS ordinary

So Farage comes along picks him up on being called a banker since he never was a banker, he was a metal trader...this 'activist' responds by talking about homophobia, Farage offers him to meet the UKIP LGBT chairman, to which he responds I don't want to....and then talks about racism...Farage goes to explain that he has been in the presence of a Labour anti-racism campaigner all day who has been making the point UKIP aren't racist, he then bizarrely changed the topic to a UKIP candidate who's previously done porn..claiming it's disgusting, he's disgusting...  For those who don't know. He used to be in porn. I think it was BDSM..but not sure. So what? I don't see the problem at all...but for some reason after being proved wrong on every argument this 'activist' suddenly was blabbering that this candidate is disgusting and filthy.

It was pretty unbelievable to me and proved what we've come to realize most anti UKIP campaigners are liars and pretty much out of their depth when challenged.

After he was humiliated here...he decided to claim he got punched...the proof of which? I doubt there will be any. Seems like yet another lie from a hopeless troll.

Feel free to watch the full exchange....

Most anti UKIP stories do tend to turn out to be false or lies, so please watch the full exchange to see the character of the nasty people against UKIP.

Update - Found out this guy is a Greens supporter, which explains a lot. For those unaware the Greens via UAF, and Hope not Hate for quite frankly embraced thuggish behavior. UKIP signs often defaced, people insulted, threatened..In the case of one guy just yesterday beaten up by 6 men inside his own home purely for having a UKIP sign up.  They have links amazingly to Islamic radical groups as well..and their deputy leader is a nutcase.

The problem is the narrative is that UKIP are horrible thugs and the Greens are animal loving peaceful humanitarians, so people tend to get things confused. No Greens posters ripped down, nobody attacked, no UKIP thugs harassing others saying don't vote this or vote that.

It's completely one way, and not only have all the attacks on UKIP been ignored by most people, but now people seem to just make up attacks by UKIP and people believe it. It's quite astonishing. 

I encourage people to get educated because you're legitimizing actual thuggery and actually attacking the wrong target. We are normal people supporting UKIP having to deal with these sad troll people every second of everyday. And despite the fact we get physically attacked, and almost always they do not..all they have to do is make up a story and suddenly we're evil thugs.

This is kind of the shit that somehow gets 200 retweets 

A clearly made up story full of shit. Yet Bonnie Greer a quite disturbed woman decided to take it as a legitimate story...her source was Otto English...someone who's previously posted shit like this...

He describes himself as a prankster....when of course he is just a troll. But Bonnie Greer ever willing to slander UKIP takes up a fake story, she often purports UKIP hate blacks to black people, which often results in some black people thinking UKIP voters are racist and hate black people...which tends to cause a lot of issues for UKIP's black members...

Winston Mckenzie for example has got so much racist abuse a lot of which is from black people simply for being in UKIP. These tactics cause hate,...and it's all done in the name of 'Stopping hate' It's complete contradiction by sad trolls just taking an irrational dislike of a party who's policies are actually quite reasonable.

Let me give you some examples of how crazy this is.......

We have Transgender people being called Transphobic
We have gay people....being pestered because they are gay by people supposedly fighting homophobia?
They even try to claim UKIP are anti woman and hate women...I mean really? The 2nd most powerful person in UKIP is a woman. This shit is people unable to accept people have different opinions to them. Brainwashed by a PC culture they think they have to bully and harass people into not voting UKIP or hating UKIP so it scares others from ever considering liking or voting them.


And people need to really realize who are the sad fucked up people here, cos it's most certainly not UKIP supporters. I've been around them for a long time now. And I am sick to death of people with no idea about the shit we put up with calling us hateful.

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