Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Immigration for dummies

It seems we live in a society where immigration scares the fuck out of ignorant people. If you want to limit immigration that must mean you hate immigrants. You are blaming them for everything, you are spreading fear, you are being divisive, you are scapegoating minorities. What a load of shit.

The reality is mass immigration is a new concept, and it has hugely failed. Between 1066 and 1940 less people emigrated to Britain than between 2007 and 2011 now that is fucking scary. Elderly people who have lived in Britain all their lives, barely recognize their areas or communities in some places.

We have imported too many people too fast and it hasn't allowed for time to assimilate, thus there is no British culture, it's being phased out, and what we have is places slowly being segregated, people deciding to follow their own culture, people not even understanding what British culture is..and there is just a huge clusterfuck.

Natives matter, you rip away people's identity and they do not feel really too pleased about that, it doesn't go down well, it doesn't actually achieve anything positive.

Economically it's claimed it's a benefit. It's not. Non EU migrants have taken out 130 billion more than they have put in. While EU migrants have put in more, if we add the extra costs in strains on schooling..NHS and housing then it's a huge negative again.

We now have 6-7 kids in 2 bedroom flats in London. We have people not getting in schools 2 minutes from their houses, we have GP appointments taking 2-3 weeks. This is because there is TOO many people.

Wages have been suppressed, lifestyles have been reduced, crime has risen....

To further compound this, if all the best people in Poland or Latvia come here or even go to Germany or France...what happens to their countries??? They go to shit..they get abandoned. So we're making our countries worse and theirs too..it's one huge disaster.

Immigration is good when controlled. If you cannot understand that without somehow equating it with hate or racism you are a fucking idiot.

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