Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Don't vote for UKIP, it's a waste etc etc once again

You can read my initial article here http://factorfictionukip.blogspot.co.uk/2015/04/ukip-is-wasted-vote-fact-or-fiction.html where I promised there would be a lot more of that rhetoric, and here it is, fully hyped up today in all unashamed glory....

IDS suggested voting UKIP was a suicide note which was quite something...

Then The Sun once again chipped in with two bits of propaganda..

Exhibit A -

Exhibit B - 

They seem to believe that they can influence UKIP voters one way or another, if not overall then in targeted places. It's very insulting in my opinion, because if isn't reciprocated then what are UKIP are gaining, why should people who support UKIP ditch UKIP? It makes no sense. Essentially a Tory tabloid at this point in time is trying many tricks to simply gain Tory voters.

They also posted similar things in the previous few days, as well as the Telegraph going into overdrive after the UKIP vote actually rose in pretty much all polls.

This wave of propaganda...this strategy which is very clearly planned out by Cameron that if you scare people enough about Labour or the SNP while claiming voting UKIP is pointless or a waste eventually enough will vote us and help us get a majority..that is essentially the aim here.

I hope that Tory voters look at UKIP and see it is real. No stage managed nonsense where it's all organized and prepared how to act all in unison all in the same message, all with the same dire tactics of scaring people about Labour..but actually people just speaking their mind and trying to actually do what they always intended to do, not sellout just for a few votes or make promises you cant really keep.

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