Monday, 4 May 2015

Labour Lies on the NHS about UKIP

For those unaware Labour have been lying about UKIP and the NHS for awhile. This kind of smear tactic is routine, but to continually use it when you've been told 100 times it's not true does strike me as very sinister. For a party that is often accusing others of scaremongering or playing on fear, the hypocrisy is pretty astonishing.

Let me present you with the evidence....

Labour began to spread rumors that UKIP want to 'privatize the NHS' citing comments Farage made at one point. However UKIP had already seen the privatization introduced ironically by Labour hadn't helped at all and decided against that route, despite realizing the NHS needed some reform as people were living longer & more people were coming here. Labour however did not listen and spread as much fear propaganda as possible...leading to this response...

Problem solved? Oh no.
Labour kept going and a few months later launched another assault of ''UKIP want to privatize the NHS, they said it before!!'' This time David Cameron joined in.

So in January Nigel Farage took it upon himself to clear it upup....
Here's the key parts

So that's it right? Now it's definitely been made clear? Well no. Labour started it all again as the election came closer, putting leaflets through people's doors warning them the NHS was in 'danger' if you vote UKIP. Also groups like Hope not Hate which are funded by many unions that fund Labour also used similar scare tactics. 
They took out a front page ad in a Thanet newspaper trying to scare people claiming UKIP will destroy the NHS!

So then we came onto the debates, and Ed Miliband did..guess what? Claimed UKIP plan to privatize the was quite unbelievable.
So Farage had enough and called it for what it is, pure lies...

So that is the end of it? Oh no...
Only a day or so later, the Labour press team decided to repeat it again, this time adding in even more lies.
First of all none of that is in the UKIP manifesto at all. UKIP has never planned to charge anyone for seeing a GP.
UKIP actually plan to boost the NHS with an extra 3 billion funded every year, not cut.
And the privatization is as said a clear lie.
Of course the amazing thing is a Labour peer suggested charging 200 pound to see your GP
And it was Labour who privatized the their hypocrisy is almost as bad as their lies. 
But really how can a party get away with lying so much despite constantly being refuted?

IMO this whole subject shows Labour for what they are. Lying hypocrites who always look to scare people and use the NHS as a weapon. Labour are terrible on the economy, woeful on immigration, useless on I guess they think the NHS is all they got and they're gonna make the most of it. But the truth is in Wales they've been pretty bad with the NHS in the last 5 years, and they didn't do great with the NHS in England when they were in charge, so they don't have much really going for them here either.

Here's some responses to that tweet BTW.....

Really, you have to ask yourself, why support a party that continually lies and lies and lies without any care in the world? They simply take people for fools, and have done for too long.
Support a party that doesn't need to lie. UKIP plan to increase NHS funding by 3+ billion. And can actually fund it. The rest make false promises.
Here's the truth

Here's UKIP's NHS policies explained by a doctor in the NHS.

As you can see Labour lie lie lie on the NHS to make people think they're the best party for it, they're NOT....UKIP are. Also UKIP will remove parking fees at the hospitals don't even get the money so it's totally an unfair practice. 

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